19 March 2017

Well Isn't That Interesting

I had always assumed that my service connected disability from my broke-dick legs, would be classified as "orthopedic".

I looked at my paperwork and my disability is listed as "skeletal".

I've also been told I should wander across the compound at Bay Pines and visit the Disabled Veterans of America to talk about upping my disability.  Especially since I'm gimping about with a cane most days.


  1. I actually had to use a National Service Officer (VFW) to get any disability rating at all for two blown shoulders. Probably will not hurt anything to talk to the DAV about getting another look taken at your rating.

    1. My service dates fall just outside of the acceptable range for both The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

  2. DAV helped me get mine upgraded. WOrth talking to them!


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