15 August 2009

A Warning

http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/GOP-thinks-the-unthinkable-Victory-in-2010-8103193-53174842.html (DEAD LINK)

Just as the 2006 and 2008 elections were not shining endorsements of the Democratic party, the 2010 election, should the GOP win, should not be taking to mean that we want the Republicans of 1996-2006 back.

I doubt that they will listen, again.

In 1994, the voters were pissed at what the Dems were up to. They did something about it, only to end up with the same kind of politician the Dems had put in office prior to Clinton. And then slowly bled seats until they were back in the minority.

In 2008 people were getting fed up with Bush's piss poor job of explaining WHY we were doing what we were doing in the war and a growing realization that he was spending money like a drunken sailor in Hong Kong who'd discovered he'd accidently gotten the Captain's wallet from the laundry.

I have a prescription for the GOP should they win in 2010. LEAD. You won big in 1994 and sat on your asses and let the Dems and the media tell you what you were going to do next. Do not worry that you don't have filibuster or veto proof majorities. Pass repeal, after repeal on simple majorities. Force them to actually filibuster to stop votes. Let them explain to their constituents why they are standing in the way of bills rather than you explaining why you are not doing what you were elected to do. Let the president veto whatever passes. Blame him for stopping the good work you are doing. Then go and pass the same law he vetoed.

And to both parties. Give us candidates we want! Stop giving us choices between the lesser of two evils. I want elections where I am choosing between the greater of two goods!

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