13 August 2009

What. The. Frack?

Over on Facebook a friend posted a poll asking "Would you like to see Obama removed from office?"

I replied, "Depends on how he would be removed. Losing the next election? I'm fine with that, that's how our system is supposed to work. Impeached? Depends on the charge, but it would have to be pretty damn compelling. Removed over the BS about the birth certificate he's spent an inordinate amount of money keeping from showing? No. I wanna hear why he's spent so much to prevent showing it, but I don't think it shows he's not naturally born. My personal evil theory is that it says his dad is a different guy than the Kenyan dude. That's embarrassing and doesn't affect his citizenship."

She replied, "well i guess my point (other then the fact that i like him) would b that we spend 8 years with the evil of bush... obama isnt evil isnt an embarrassment and he doing something not just sitting there thinking of more ways to screw us all lol"

I tell you, that's the most well thought out and reasoned reply I have ever read. I cut and pasted it so all the words would remain spelled correctly and the punctuation would be retained in its correct place.


Where the hell did I bring up Bush? Where did I say Obama was evil? For fuck's sake, I agreed with her! What would she have said if I had said that I think that all traitors should be hanged from the nearest yard arm?

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