24 November 2012

I Matter!

No I don't.

I matter so little that I can completely shut down my Facebook account and stop initiating conversations and nobody notices.

The fact that I have to mention it before someone notices says a lot about my value to my "friends".

That really hurts.

The hurt is compounded when I mention the hurt and get told, in detail, what a horrible person I am.

If I ask a second person, they agree.  Then a third.  Then a fourth.


It's me.

I was afraid it would be.


  1. well...I like you...except for that strange Chevy fetish you have, you're a bit of all right. :D
    (FTR, I have a 62 C-10 stepside)

  2. Ford has a huge chasm to bridge to get my forgiveness. I've owned a Mercury Lynx and a Ford Escort.

    I did once own a '73 Mustang. For an afternoon. Bought it from a guy in Des Moines and got arrested an hour later in Nevada trying to register it. Stolen car. I rolled over on the seller and the cops were able to nab him and that got the charges on me dropped. They didn't recover my money though.

    Lots of unhappy for me and Fords. Unlike most Chevy guys I don't have a visceral dislike of Ford owners. That never made sense to me. We're car people and should build from our common ground not divide ourselves more.

    1. Like this one: http://mustangattitude.com/mustang/1973/1973_00037_02.jpg except in blue metal flake.

    2. howinahell did you get from Des Moines to Nevada in an hour??? I can't get from DM to my parents house in Clarinda in an hour.

    3. Just off Merle Hay and 35 was where the seller was. About 1pm on a weekday. In about 93.

      Not technically Des Moines there, is it? Uhrbahndahlay?

  3. yeah...Lynx and Escort will do you in for Fords the same way Aries and Omni will do you in for Chrysler (I've owned one of each of the Dodges :D)

    It's all good natured fun, and I will say that the 350 Chevy smallblock V8 is, without exception, the finest pushrod V8 motor ever invented. Inexpensive, easy to maintain, hella easy to modify, and you can do some truly scary things with them performance-wise.

    The former VP of my Mustang club had a 73 coupe in blue and silver all dressed up like a Mach, and one of my co-workers has a 71 Mach 1. Another of my co-workers has a 69 Camaro that is truly a thing of beauty, even though I always prefered the Firebirds over the Camaros. Youngest Sister has a 73 Stingray waiting patiently in the shed for her hubby to complete "a few more" of his own projects.

    If I was rich enough I'd have a garage like Lenos...

  4. Hey, leave Angus alone.....Chevy is the cheapest fastest way to get around. If you don't believe me, bring it against my 67 chevelle SS 427.........
    Your a good dude Angus, its everybody else who's fucked up.
    I like you almost owned a Ford once, and I'm a better man for it..........;)

  5. bring it against my 67 chevelle SS 427.........

    No problems. Tail of the Dragon? ;) (FWIW the 11 GT can hang with the BMW M3 on the track, and mine did 13.2 in the quarter with street tires and the top down, and me driving which is all the more impressive. It is much more capable than its driver.)

    The 67 is a nice Chevelle, I had a neighbor that had a 66 and a 67 way back longer ago than I care to admit. Neither one of them were big blocks, but he did trade the 67 for a 69 with a (396) big block. I liked the 66 best.

  6. I've run the Dragon in my Vette. That was a blast!

  7. Larry25
    My 427 has aluminum heads and a nasty cam, 10.5 comp. Bring it, never ran it but with 4:11 and a four speed, it'll be a tight race, oh and I did the rear suspension this year, it digs like a front loader........

  8. McThag, I think I have figured out the problem. You are an Idiot Magnet. Applejack, show us Thag's world.

    Seriously, one of our standard conversations is you lamenting a new class of moron that I had never even heard of up to that point. Don't get me wrong: you're always right about them being morons. It's just that, somehow, I'm never the one to discover the new variety.

    I stand in awe of the willpower that keeps you from becoming a serial killer. Or the consistent attention to detail that keeps me from ever finding any evidence despite years of interaction. You know, whichever.

    Seriously, if you're worried that a claim might be true because lots of people around you believe it, I have a mental exercise you should engage in before taking it seriously. For each of the people making the claim, imagine them next to some big, dangerous industrial machine. An item of their long, flowing clothing gets caught in the machine, pulling them ever closer to a squishy, splashy death. Ask yourself: would they have the knowledge and skill to smack the off switch in time? Would they quickly remove the doomed article of clothing, valuing survival over the nudity taboo? Did you interrupt the exercise with a shout of "Bullshit! They'd never be dumb enough to wear that clothing next to that machine!"? Meditate upon your answers before paying too much heed to their opinions.

    1. Serial killer? On the advice of my attorney, I decline to answer on the grounds that my response may tend to incriminate me.

      Thinking about it... Nope, not a one of them would have worn clothing that wouldn't be snagged. At least one of them would die because they WOULDN'T tear their precious garment. One would die because they couldn't tear gossamer. All of them would scream for help all the way into the chompers without realizing they emergency stop was in reach for several seconds.

  9. If I didn't need a Facebook account for work, I wouldn't have one. That's WAY too much interaction with other people.

    Did I say that out loud?


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