09 June 2011

The conundrum

A real problem I have about convincing people about my position is they don't care.

I can post and talk all I want.  They don't read it or they don't listen.

If they read or listen, they don't see how that particular issue affects them NOW so they don't care about it.

Trying to impress upon them how one thing will cascade fail into another until it does affect them is damn near impossible.

Like property rights.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you to clean your room?  This is an example of that room not really being yours; it's your mom's room and she is just letting you use it.

If someone else can tell you what to do with your property, it's not yours; it's theirs.

This is insidious!  How long the grass can be, what kind of grass can it be, what color can you paint the outside, can you work on your own car in the drive, etc etc etc.  In some places you can opt out by not buying in a place that has a homeowner's association with those rules.  In other places it's the city that's making those rules.  In both cases the rules can change literally overnight and you don't have any recourse until next election (and likely not even then).

The simple cascade that we've seen run for real, not a theory any more: Guns.  First there's registration, then no more sales of a type, then confiscation of a type.  Doesn't happen?  Show me your semi-automatic AR-15 with a magazine you can remove without tools with a pistol grip that's legally owned in California.  The first thing gets you accustomed to the state telling you how you may own something.  Once they get you used to them telling you that, you don't even notice that they change from how to if.

This is one of the reasons that many diverse groups are fighting so hard to keep the government boot off the internet's neck.  First they'll tell us how to use it, then they'll decide if we can.

Need another example?  Remember free speech?  First political correctness forces us to reconsider HOW we say something.  Now it is making it impossible TO say something.

But you didn't read this far.  None of the above examples affected you, so they don't matter.  But wait, dear ostrich, your ox will be gored; and don't look to me to say anything but, "I am Cassandra."

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