22 June 2011

Oooooh, ooooooh, I got this one! I can fix everything!

Read this.


The core of this nannyism is that since we're paying to keep you healthy after abusing the snot out your body we get to take some preemptive measures to keep you from being more expensive to care for later.

I got it.

I believe it's my right to stuff anything I want into any orifice I have.  Let your imagination run for a bit there, it's OK.  But I am talking about food and drugs and my mouth specifically here.

After years of high-fat low-fiber and no-exercise it will cost more to treat my ailments than someone who watched what they ate and worked out?  Explain to me, again, why I should be paying for either of those people's health care.

Let's just stop.  You are on your own for the costs of your habits.  Get obese and have three hear attacks and need lots of bypasses?  You're on the hook for paying for that, or you die.  Motivational, isn't it?

Without the taxpayers paying for medicine, they have no lever to demand I be healthier to save them some money.  It's a win-win.  More freedom for me, less expense for all!

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