01 June 2011



One "feature" of this blog is that I "talk out loud" to myself and the ideas develop and refine.

I am opposed to illegal immigration and support some pretty harsh measures to prevent it.


Let's be realistic for a bit here.  Mexico has an illegal immigration problem on their southern border too; and they employ some very harsh methods that are ineffective.  So; keeping "them" out isn't likely to work here because we have a much larger border with Mexico than Mexico has with Belize and Guatemala combined.

I guess I need to state what it is about illegal immigration that bothers me.  It's that most of these illegals are coming here to be Mexicans.  I don't think I would be bothered in the slightest if they were coming here to be Americans.  I don't think I would NOTICE if they were coming to be Americans.

But they are Mexican and remain Mexican and show no intent of assimilating and becoming Americans.

I think the real cure to our immigration problem is to take steps to ensure that newcomers start becoming like us rather than accommodating them.  Eliminating ethnic ghettos and enclaves would serve.  Yes, children this means Miami will cease to be the largest city in Cuba.  A lesser variation is that New Jersey will also stop being the largest province of Puerto Rico.

This is not racist!  This is nationalist.  The nation-state model works and we need to return to it.

Abandoning the nation-state is pretty much the same disaster that going full libertarian anarchy is.  It's doomed to fall to the first thug who doesn't follow the rules.  Islam surely welcomes the fall of the nation-state model; and that's a much larger problem to someone who values freedom of religion and other rights.

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