16 June 2011

I want an AK.

The problem is that I know a lot about the various military issue guns, I have little knowledge about the semi-auto guns.

I want it in 7.62x39mm and with an under-folding stock.

Which one is that?


  1. Most AKs you'll find for sale are 7.62x39mm, so that part's less than no problem. Other calibers exist, but are much less common. As far as stocks go, I don't know---I think most versions can have the stock swapped out, but since mine got stolen, I can't just go look at mine and tell you.

  2. Dunno, Folding stocks are ILLEGAL here...too dangerous.

    I will say as an unhappy former owner of a WASR-10 see if you can get one built off of Polish or ChiCom parts rather than Romanian. Seems the consensus is the Romack parts aren't as nice as the other Commie bits.


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