08 June 2011

Sarah Palin.

Have you seen Being John Malkovich?

There's a scene where John Malkovich enters the tunnel into his own mind.  Every person he encounters there has his head and says nothing but, "Malkovich."

That scene sums up how I feel about Sarah Palin.

Sarahpalin.  Sarahpalin Sarahpalin. Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin Sarahpalin.

I don't get it.  I really don't.  Other than abortion, I really don't know a thing about her positions on issues.  She's not running for any national office, why is she getting national coverage from the legacy media like a candidate.   She's not running for any national office, why is she getting national coverage from the new media like she's some sort of knight that will slay the evil democratic dragon?

I don't get the hate.  I don't get the love.

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  1. To me, a lot of it's reaction to the way she was slimed and slimed and slimed---and literally run out of office by unfounded lawsuits she had to spend her personal money to defend---by the "liberals."

    Remember the last election? For quite a while, it looked like the Anointed One had it in the bag, what with the mainstream media being 110% in his corner, as well as the "he'll be the first black POTUS! YAY!" McCain didn't have what it took to come from behind. And then along came Palin, and all of a sudden the Republicans were getting a boost.

    This scared the crap out of the Usual Ones. They saw the prospects of the "first black POTUS" going a-glimmering...and they'd made far too large an emotional investment in that to back down. Not to mention, they probably couldn't have borne four more years of Republican rule, particularly after so many years of rankling endlessly over the "stolen" 2000 election and "Bush is stupid, Bush is stupid, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare."

    Of course, the McCain campaign didn't utilize her well, and the mainstream(ed) media pounced on her endlessly for gaffes they'd have instantly and loudly ignored in the case of the Chosen Savior. The same people who insist that Palin's an idiot said the same thing about Dubya...you know, the guy with an Ivy League MBA, the guy who flew jet fighter planes. This makes me suspicious.

    That said...I'm not wild about her position on abortion, and I'm not wild about the church she went to, although I've heard that she picked that church for its youth programs more than anything else. Even so, I'd love to see her as POTUS just to watch certain people's heads asplode.


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