29 June 2011


Florida has its share of people who've moved here from another state.

What I don't get are the people who complain constantly about Florida and rave about how great where they are from is.

Why did you move again?  There must be some reason you left, or did you just forget?


  1. What makes you think people always move because they want to live where they're moving to? I lost lots of friends growing up because their parents' jobs had moved and now so did they.

  2. I made the assumption because they FUCKING ADULTS NOW!

    You know, with choices and shit?

    Children have the excuse, adults do not.

  3. You were in the military...I don't think you had much choice about where you got sent. And you were an adult...sober, quiet, grave, and all that.

    Same goes for working for a lot of corporations. My folks used to say that their contemporaries joked that IBM stood for "I've Been Moved." And in this economic climate, people aren't going to let go of a good job.

    Right now my brother's being forced to spend weeks up in Seattle for his sins, although he'd much rather be in Riverside with his family. They need him in Seattle, so they hauled him up there and put him up in a hotel. I'd tell you what he thinks of Seattle and the whole deal, but you're too young and innocent for that sort of language.

  4. You've given some great examples of transients without showing an IMMIGRANT.

    But, please, continue to miss the point.

  5. Are you talking about people who moved to Florida from other US states, or from other countries? As far as I'm concerned, no US native is an immigrant anywhere on US soil.


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