29 May 2013

Bucket List

I want to burn down a house.

I want to build and set off a pipe bomb.

I want to do both without hurting anyone or breaking any laws.

The house thing I have figured out.  You must own it outright.  You need to have the fire department standing by.  The first caveat is because the bank will not allow the destruction of their collateral.  The second is usually a requirement of the permitting, and it's just a good idea for a big burn like this.  Cue; Talking Heads...

I don't know about how to legally do the pipe bomb.

I suppose it's a $200 tax stamp for a destructive device and whatever fees the nearest police bomb range wants to charge.  Heck, with the police's active participation, it might not even be required to placate the ATF.


  1. The fire departments around here burn down houses all the time. But, it is controlled for training purposes. Then the L I B part happens. Bring popcorn. It is fun to watch.

    You could always claim a David Gregory exemption if you are working with the police or fire department. Heck, you would be covering it for a publication. ;)

    Or- write an awesome novel that has a bad guy burn down a house with a pipe bomb. Include in the movie rights that you are to be involved with with demo crew.

  2. You could probably find enough cash between your car console and your sofa cushions to buy a whole city block in Detroit. Unfortunately, I doubt if the Detroit FD has enough money for a training budget to come put them out.


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