19 May 2013

Cover Me

Remember when I alluded to the what mattering more than the who?

Recently President Obama had a Marine hold an umbrella so that he would not melt in the rain.

Lots of people are incensed by this.

Well, Buttercups, both the Bushes made nearly the exact same photo op!  Except they used Army officers instead of enlisted Marines...

I'll give Ronnie props for being caught in the rain transiting from one place to another whereas the other three are too damn stupid to come in out of the weather.  The dumb ass press stood out there in the rain too.

Terminal Lance sums it up about as well as can be.  Is this really the most demeaning thing a Marine is asked to do?  Ask anyone who's been enlisted and ask them about where they've picked cigarette butts out of.

Wanna be outraged?  Of those four presidents, which one slept in while his ambassador was murdered?

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  1. My one objection would be that enlisted men could be put to much better use doing any number of other things. Army officers? Not so much. If nothing else, the Bushes were keeping their umbrella bearers from wandering off somewhere and causing a disaster that some enlisted men would have to fix.

    I'll also point out that the black beret as a common uniform item for all soldiers didn't exist prior to the Clinton era. Unless the officer holding the umbrella for Bush 41 was assigned to a Ranger battalion (which I find highly unlikely) the picture was taken when he was no longer president, and in no position to order an Army officer to do his bidding.

    And finally, this was the first time I ever actually watched the Obama clip and was surprised by his demeanor. I'm one of the people who finds his speaking style barely tolerable and have no idea how anyone considers him to be personally appealing or a gifted orator. I found the way he called for the umbrellas to be good-natured and almost charming.


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