09 May 2013

Steal It

HBO's "Game of Thrones"

It's very well written, produced and acted.

The author of the novels it's taken from is George RR Martin.

George likes to talk about how great socialism is.

Well, George, this is an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is.

I don't care for hypocrites.  And a person espousing socialism should not be reaping the benefits of capitalism to become wealthy.  I know that George understands that we're consuming his works without remunerating him because we respect his socialist ideals.

Stealing these videos also lets you get back a bit at Peter Dinklage.

You see Pete participated in the "Enough" video about stopping gun violence.

Well, Pete, did you climb up on the bully pulpit about guns and expected there'd be no consequences?  I've noticed that the character you portray in the series is certainly willing to use violence to achieve his ends.

I hope that the illegal downloaders cost enough subscriptions to HBO and DVD/Bluray sales forces you to find honest work since you can't figure out the key thing about being a dancing monkey.  I don't care one whit about you once you stop dancing and you only irritate me when you make noise outside the dance.


  1. You like Game of Thrones?

    I thought you hated it!

    *glyph of me having a cardiac arrest*

    Martin's also opened his big yap about how we need to get rid of all them awful guns, IIRC.

    1. What I indicated is that once a series has crossed the "War and Peace" event horizon that I'm very unlikely to even attempt the first book and that I hate authors who churn out an annual thousand page tome.

      I was also confusing this epic with Wheel of Time.


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