25 May 2013

Oh Boy

So I'm sitting here reading The American Rifleman...

They have an article about whether .22 Mag is an effective round for self defense.

The most consistent expansion is with a CCI Maxi-Mag TNT 30gr.  Expands to 0.33" and penetrates 8.25" when fired from a 1" barrel like an NAA revolver.

They've managed to achieve, with a hollow-point, a .32 ACP ball round.  Woot?


  1. Not going to cause me to put down my 5.7 ;)

  2. I know. Just a flippant comment after recalling a bit of conversation we had back around national ammo day. Which had nothing to do with the 22 wmr...

  3. 5.7 is still classified as buy 10x as much to get credit on National Ammo Day. I don't make the rules. It hits me with .25 ACP too...

  4. Any extra credit if I scrape together the .25 and the 5.7 at the same time? If so, any preferred ratio? My baby Browning doesn't get as hungry as my FN.

  5. Damn you!

    You've got the missing .25 from my little collection.

    I think the actual rule is .22LR only because back when they still made it, it was a lot cheaper than other ammo.

    Nowadays, I assume it's out of production for all I see for sale.

  6. Safe in the safe... along with the 9 mm C96 and the parts bin 9 mm Luger. ; )

    Still see .22 LR here, at these prices I expect it to be around for awhile.


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