30 May 2013

Fedora Wearing Dancing Monkeys

Why yes, every single human being on the North American continent is descended from someone who moved here from some other continent.

Including the Indians, by the way.

If you go back far enough.

The problem, Dancing Monkeys, is not that they are immigrants.  The smaller part of the problem is that they are illegally immigrating.  The problem that's pissing us off is that they aren't immigrating at all, they're just MOVING.

Mexicans move to the United States and remain Mexicans.  They do not become Americans and have no intention of doing so.

That's the problem!  Fix that Monkey.

It's not just an illegal alien problem.

Florida is flush with people from Canada, Cuba and Puerto Rico who have no intention of changing to accommodate American norms.

I don't want foreigners moving here to remain foreign.  I want the thems to become US.

What it will take is going to deliberately refuse to accommodate their needs, and wants as long as they do it in an imported manner.

Language is probably the place to start.  It worked before and it will work again.

Insular enclaves without opportunity for those who refuse to learn compared with endless bounty to those speaking English...  

It nothing more than my Great Grandparents did when they moved here from Italy.  It's nothing more than my Great Grandmother did when she moved here from Japan.  To an extent that neither Italian or Japanese was PERMITTED in their houses.  I can still hear my GGrampa's booming voice, "We're Americans now, we don't speak the old way!" yelling at GGramma; who never mastered English.  Grampa understood Italian, but never spoke it.  My mother didn't speak a word.

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  1. What I find hilarious hypocritical of the Dancing Monkeys is how they would fall all over themselves if Americans moved to another country and didn't try to assimilate.

    Heck, look at how they castigate people on vacation as "Ugly Americans" and all.

    This country used to take the best parts of every culture, every religion, every people that came here and make it part of the American norm. Now we are forced to accept that 'one culture is no better than the next'.

    Tell it to the British soldier murdered in the street. Tell it to the Swedish people after days of 'immigrant rioting'.


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