16 May 2013

Shit Hot

I'm a pretty fair hand with the F-8 Crusader in my game.

I'd go so far as to say I am shit hot.

I am not six to one odds good when it's 24 of them vs the 4 in my flight.

I do OK then.

The campaign I am playing is a double "what-if."  What if the Cuban Missile Crisis had gone hot in Europe.  What if a squadron of Marine F-8D were in Germany when it started and remained because shifting assets OUT of theater seems foolish.

I am flying with VMF(AW)-235 "Death Angels"from Geilenkirchen Airbase, Federal Republic of Germany.

The mission was a fighter sweep, at night, to bag a flight of four MiG-15bis in the vicinity of Bremerhaven.  My flight was four F-8D armed with guns and four AIM-9B Sidewinders each.  In addition to the four planes we were supposed to get, we also encountered five more flights of four enemy aircraft.  All told, we got seven of them, including all four of the planes we were sent to slay.  I got three of the four we were ordered to hit and a MiG-17 Fresco A and a MiG-21F-13 Fishbed C, all gun kills the single missile shot I took failed.  My second section leader got the fourth MiG-15bis and my wingman got a MiG-17F Fresco C.  Second section's wingman was shot down, but he managed to evade capture and return to duty.

We egressed and returned to base, where I landed with just 500 pounds of fuel remaining.

This screenshot is not from this mission.


  1. F-8 Crusader, the last gunfighter. Interesting aircraft.

  2. Had a family friend who flew off Oriskany with VF-162 in F-8E's; I've been fascinated with the type ever since.


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