13 February 2014

Court Strikes Down "May Issue"

Woo hoo!

Indeed a victory!

Wait... WHERE?


OK, it must have been a local court decision then, San Diego is generally less liberal than the other cities because of the veterans and military in the area.


The NINTH CIRCUIT COURT?  Also known as the 9th Circus Court?  The hands down most liberal circuit of them all?

Hawaii is now pucker factor "what happened to the seat cushion?"!

hat-tip just about everyone.

This creates a circuit split between the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th Circuits too.  Virtually destined to be appealed to the Supreme Court which will be put in the awkward position of contradicting themselves if they rule against it.


  1. I'm a Californian, in Sacramento, which is the home of the State legislature as they plot against our rights, but also where we established our beachhead (http://wiki.calgunsfoundation.org/Richards_v._Prieto) before this recent ruling in Peruta.

    Your near-heart-attack, upon learning that this happened in California of all places, amused me. ;-)

    We're fighting everywhere, and some of our wins happen in the unlikeliest ways.

    1. There's no doubt you're fighting, it's just the news has been monotonously dreary for so long.


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