26 February 2014


What is a "real world condition" for Joe Civilian...? You mean like if it starts raining on the range or something?

In an Arfcom discussion about which rifle "won".  Robinson XCR, Bushmaster ACR or FN SCAR.

We do get full of ourselves when we get all tacticool.

I've been there.

I have a standing offer with a couple of friends about optics.  I'll offer to toss my rifle, Aimpoint M4S and all, into the deep end of the pool and we'll see where the extra money I spent went.

Aimpoint guarantees the thing to well beyond swimming pool depths for waterproofing.  I like the idea that my red-dot can take loads of moisture since that's a possible where hurricanes can appear.

That and my Aimpoint 1000 is still running after more than 20 years of shooting.

I don't expect to ever go over the beach from the sea like a frogman.

The worst case is really Hurricane Andrew here.

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