03 February 2014

On The Cusp

I like to toss up some glimpses of the Traveller universe c.2170 on Tuesdays to compliment Erin's Traveller Tuesday posts.

I have an almost story...

The skeleton is prancing through my imagination.

Part of me is wondering if anyone will notice the change in my minds eye of the ship.

Originally my little crew was in a Crockett class 100dTon Picket Ship.  Lately my imagination has them in a Lightning class 400dTon Frontier Merchant.

My unnamed POV person is a low level diplomat.  For trade missions deep in Vilani space he's really a requirement.

Dahveeie is a retread of a navigator I've used in my Traveller gaming before.  In the 3rd Imperium settings she's from a conservative Vilani family.  In Interstellar Wars, she's what is known as a Terrani, or a person of mixed Terran and Vilani heritage who's a Terran citizen.  Her home world is Nusku.

Hamilton is a Terran.  He's from the United States, and is one of many Americans who chafe at the loss of prestige that came with the unifying world government.  He also chafes at what he perceives as the losses of basic freedoms as the world became so much more "Europeon" in the way it was governed.

There will be more.  I like this universe and I kinda dig the fan-fic aspect of writing some fiction in this setting.

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