09 February 2014

Still Junk

In the way-back days just prior to the AWB I bought two +2 magazine extensions for my Glock 21.

Good news!  They will, indeed, allow you to insert 15 rounds into what was previously a 13 round magazine.

Bad news!  As long as you don't mind that now only 11 rounds will feed before it jams, they're great!

They are effectively -2 extensions.

They behaved this way when I first got them, but I'd written it off to "old springs" since the springs in my magazines were a whopping two years old and had a couple of hundred rounds through them.  So I took them off and tossed them in my big box o gun bits.

My brand new Glock brand magazines with 11 rounds through them have failed in this manner now.  I should throw them away, but for some reason they're back in the box...

Edited to add a pic of the offending item.  The thing it's sitting on is the latch base that goes between the spring and the base.  It's got a post that sticks out the hole in the base.


  1. Was this a Glock-branded extension, or something aftermarket?

    1. They are aftermarket. I don't think Glock made extensions way back when.

  2. I ask because I have a Glock-branded 2-round extender. Works fine so far (as I expected), but when put on my 10-round G26 mags the cartridges at the bottom tend to rattle a bit (which is annoying if said mag is in my carry gun). Strangely, I don't get the rattle when I put it on my G17 mag... weird huh?


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