03 February 2014

In Order

Thanks to Dan, I am compelled to list my packing order.

My first concealed carry gun was an FIE Titan .25 ACP.  I carried illegally since Iowa was may issue and I lived in no-issue Story County.  It was carried in a ratty nylon Uncle Mike's holster in whatever pocket was handy.

A Glock 17 or Glock 21 illegally resided inside the inside pocket of my flight helmet bag I carried my gaming stuff and or books in.  Yes, Iowa State, on campus too.

At the time conceal carry without was a misdemeanor that usually yielded loss of gun and small fine.  The risks seemed smaller than the rewards, so I took them.

Florida assigns a felony to ccw/o and is more than willing to give time to violators (even if it's not true, the change to felony and the shall issue nature made getting one a no brainer).

The Glock 21 was promoted to IWB carry in a Galco Summer Comfort holster.  I am not quite certain that I actually carried the Glock 21 as my first legal carry though.

That honor, I think, goes to my Grampa's Harrington and Richardson .32 S&W Long "Automatic" revolver.  I carried that cross draw IWB in a nylon holster with the hammer down between the rims and all six chambers loaded.

The Glock proved too big and the H&R was wrong for so many reasons.

Back to .25 ACP and a Colt Junior!  Carried loose in my pocket.

A Springfield Armory 1911-A1 GI model in a Ross IWB holster took over.  This combination went everywhere with me, including Colorado to say, "Bye," to Mom and drive my inherited car home.

Then I got the Vette.  The C6 Corvette is the most conceal carry unfriendly car I've ever owned.  The spot where your IWB wants to sit is occupied by the seat belt latch, which moves with the seat.

Thinking that, perhaps a smaller gun carried IWB would suffice we went through A SIG-Sauer P232, and S&W 640 learning that there just isn't room.  I even tried OWB with a longer shirt.  That was better, and helped fill the holster box.

Then I got a Galco Executive shoulder holster for the P232.  This was VERY comfortable!  As long as it was cool enough to wear some sort of over-shirt I went this route.  Unfortunately, I live in Florida and it's not cool enough to wear a shirt over your shirt at least three months a year.

Because I was OK with .380 and read Tam talking about how you could just toss a Pocket Hammerless in your pocket and not worry about it, since they're not rare collectors pieces.  Into the pocket went the 1908 and for the first time, so did a spare magazine.  This is why I insist on pants with watch pockets.

The "Oh SHINY" caused me to change over to a SIG-Sauer P-238; in a Don Hume pocket holster with spare mag in the watch pocket.

Then I remembered that I liked shoulder holsters and then my 1911 returned to use in the cooler months along with two spare magazines.  Galco Miami Classic II, very appropriate for Florida!

The Springfield has given way to a Colt in .38 Super.

The P-238 has given way to a pocket carried .357 J-Frame hammerless (with pink grips!)  Speed loaders for spare ammo.

I long for open carry for summers!

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