15 February 2014

The Other Side

If you don't want to have children, don't have vaginal sex.

It's really that simple.

Use your hands, mouth or ass.

Hell, use anything that causes friction, just do not insert into ONE particular hole.

Not even a little bit.  Not even if they promise to pull out.

Use protection anyway!

People who say they cannot use protection and or get abortions because of some form of Christian faith.  That had better be your wife you've knocked up.  Another Dumbass Fuckwad Shitheel example!  Can't use protection because Catholic, yet is seemingly free to be an adulterer.  HEADDESK

You see, if you don't get pregnant or get someone pregnant, there's no debate about abortion at all!

And a great deal of this falls right down to, "why yes, you have rights; but every right comes with responsibilities."

You have a right to fuck.  You are also responsible for the consequences of fucking.  If you cannot or will not be responsible, then stop fucking.

Where's my right to not be responsible for your actions?  Because when you pawn your spawn off on any of the various government assistance programs you are most assuredly making me financially responsible via taxation.

And if I have responsibilities, I get rights.  I get a say.  But that's another topic.

Abortion is the, bar none, stupidest method of birth control ever devised.  It is not a zero risk procedure.  It is not taking responsibility for the consequences of having sex, it is evading them.  Evading them in a morally questionable manner; definitely a sinful manner if you self identify as any of the three major monotheisms.  Also a sin, sex out of wedlock.  (If you self identify as a Christian, for example, there's a book that comes with your Faith that explains all this.  Try reading it.)

It is immoral to force people to force people, via government, to pay for something they have religious objections to.  There's that 1st Amendment again.  Government is forbidden to force me to obey YOUR religious prohibitions and is likewise forbidden from forcing you violate yours. (Yes, I know this is ignored).

Remember rights come with responsibility; forcing a Christian to pay for abortions means they have a right to demand the procedure be conducted in a way that maximizes the discomfort of the subject.  To demand that each procedure be accompanied by mandatory lectures on moral turpitude.

You really want a right to an abortion, assume the responsibility for the whole thing without subsidy.  It's fascinating to me that this right derived from a penumbra of the 4th Amendment requires government assistance where the 1st Amendment doesn't compel the government to subsidize a printing press or broadcast tower for my personal use.  The 2nd Amendment, by this rationale, should mandate that I be given a government financed firearm and training in its use.

I am an Atheist who does not mock or fear Judeo/Christian values.  They are were the backbone of what was the basis for American exceptionalism.  Those values did form the framework that is American culture.  One thing I rail against is people who wish to have the benefits of this exceptional culture without participating in it.  If you don't want to be a member of this culture, go away and find a different one.  What you are doing is breaking a successful culture.  This too is another topic (and pro-choice is not alone in its attempts to make wholesale changes without considering what the long term effects of the change are).

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