07 February 2014

Omega Alpha

Comparison between clones.  Top is an M16A2, bottom is an XM16E1.  Being the last and first M16's issued by the US Army.  The XM16E1 replaced the M14; the M16A2 was replaced by the M4.  Between them is the M16A1, which I don't have a clone of handy.


The evolution from EXM16E1 to M16A2 has many changes you can see here.  The stock gets longer by about 5/8", pistol grip changes contour, handguards change shape; all the furniture is made from better, more durable materials.  The rear sling swivel is relocated and made fixed.  The front swivel is retained by a rivet instead of a roll pin.  A brass deflector is added behind the ejection port.  The ejection port door gets a different pad on it that prevents it from binding on the lower when the action is opened up on the front pivot pin.  The magazine release gets a fence put around it.  Several areas of the lower receiver are beefed up.  The shape of the forward assist changes.  The rear sight goes from a simple two position flip to a 300-900 national match ready unit.  The flash hider goes from a three prong to a partial bird-cage that's solid on the bottom.  The barrel is of an increased diameter from the handguards forward.  On genuine military guns the full auto setting is changed to a three round burst.

It also goes from being a 6.8 lb. rifle to a 7.2 lb. one without magazines.  20 rounders add 0.6 lb. and 30 rounders add 1 lb.  Nearly all of that 0.4 lb. is out front and it makes the rifle considerably less handy.

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