12 February 2014


I caught Marv flat footed with my quaint midwestern speech patterns.

I used "he's".

It's a contraction of he is or he has.

Apparently in use since 1588 and much hated by journalists and english teachers.  Double win!


  1. I'm confused. How is "he's" anything but a standard contraction? Like, the sort of contraction we've been using since learning to read and write?

    He's saying he's unfamiliar with "he's", or you're? [intentional ouch].

  2. I use it all the time. Where don't they use "he's"?

    1. Apparently it's not part of the same vernacular that give us y'all.

    2. I love me some "Y'all" even tho it isn't said around these parts.

      My Latin teacher got her degree in New Orleans, and used "Y'all" in class as a way express the 2nd Person Plural, since none exist in "Proper" English.

      More like FLAWED English if that's indistinguishable from the singular "You"


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