20 February 2014

Shots Fired

Or fireworks.

At midnight I heard two pops.

The timing seemed off for a couple of firecrackers, and a bit loud.

The noises did not repeat so I went back to bed.

It occurs to me, now, that a murderer can get one hell of a head start on law enforcement merely by being a good shot and not firing many rounds.  People hear a noise and if it's not repeated, tend to go back to what they were doing before.

I grabbed a gun and checked my doors and peered out the windows.  I sure hope I still have a neighbor.

If not, I want to mention, before I forget, that a rusty white Taurus wagon with New York plates was there yesterday and had not been there previously.


  1. You should have heard what my brother and I heard at New Years' in Riverside. It was a ways off (probably in Rubidoux, not Riverside proper) but it sounded like the Battle of Mogadishu. Some of it was probably fireworks, but I'd swear I heard at least one AK. It would be the perfect time to commit a murder, I think; the cops wouldn't pay any attention to the gunshots till too late.

  2. You neighbor still this side of the sod?

  3. Several times in the Matt Helm series he noted that most people, hearing a loud noise that wakes them up or just happens somewhere outside, either won't connect it with trouble or will just dismiss it.


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