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18 December 2012


Reading S Weasel and she mentions that the children were just props in that pathetic shitheel's little drama.

This is very true.  Who those children were as individuals did not matter even a bit to that loser.  What mattered was what they were, defenseless children whose deaths would get the media to report about what a monster he was to grant him the gratification he couldn't achieve on his own.  Literally objectifying them.

Lo and behold, he isn't the only one!

The media and the anti-gun politicians are using those poor children in the exact same way to advance their agenda.  They don't care who those kids were as individuals.  All they care about is what those kids were, defenseless objects destroyed by their most feared deodand.

At least we publicly condemn the pathetic shitheel.

The victims were tiny people though.  People who depended on others to protect them and keep them safe.  People who were failed by the system and policies that some are wishing to apply in a "more but harder" fashion.  There were heroes that day too.  Teachers and staff who bodily placed themselves between the shitheel and their charges.  They too are people and they gave the final measure in their duty.

Blaming the deodand and not the shitheel cheapens their sacrifice and mocks their heroism.

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