04 December 2012


I think I have quantified the fear that many liberals have about firearms.

We gun-folk often state exactly the circumstances where we'd kill another human being.

Often in detail.

Never with much remorse.

The only people in any danger are those who would create the circumstances we're talking about.

Again, we're very clear about what those circumstances are.

Only someone who intends to create that circumstance has any reason to be afraid; and all of the banners are afraid.

Perhaps I've spotted the real reason they fear guns.


  1. But criminals are not to blame for their actions- either an object or someone else is. So by extension, preventing a criminal from attacking you is really an assault on a victim of the 1%. Or something.

  2. ALso given that damn near all of them are legitimate reprobates, or at least have spoken out in favor of violent felons over lawful citizens.

    Yeah they have a LOT to be afraid about. They have no self control, and just might do something worthy of getting themselves shot just from doing something rash on a "Bad Day".

    Better it be THEIR bad day than mine, thanks.


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