09 December 2012

Fuddy Time

I no longer enjoy action movies.

The last vestige left me last night.

I was watching Expendibles 2 and it wasn't even fun to make fun of it.

I'd noticed that my liking of such movies was waning when I just stopped caring who would prevail in Wrath of the Titans.

All the pretty explosions and special effects simply can not make up for a lack of plot or interesting characters.  The latter sin is the most damning.

I've sat through and enjoyed a ton of movies with just the thinnest veneer of plot slapped on that had utterly fascinating characters with excellent acting performances.

I've noticed lately that several movies I really should have loved didn't even get me above "meh" enough to actually keep watching.  I love period pieces and especially those set in Elizabethan England.  Anonymous sure is pretty.  And I have yet to make it through the first hour.

Also, the wrong Scott jumped off the bridge.

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  1. Two movies that stand out in my recent experience were Avengers, and SALT.

    If you haven't give Salt (the movie) a try. It's not the most cerebral movie ever, but it does pretty well for an action flick, and I enjoyed some of the character detail.


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