03 December 2012

It Bears Repeating

Whenever someone says we can't cut some entitlement because it will hurt the recipient, remember.

We've known for DECADES that the day would come that the cost those entitlements would exceed the revenue collected even if we cut all other spending.


And for decades these very same people who will be harmed the most by the cuts have voted to ignore the reality of the situation.

So I say, fuck 'em.

Screw Ledasha (spelled Le-A) and her endless brood of children.

Screw Grandma and Granpa who are fucking well old enough to know better.

Screw them all.  They chose this situation and I say we give it to them, in spades.


And screw me!  I get a disability check from the VA.  It's officially an entitlement.  I will gladly sacrifice it for the greater good, but everyone else must give too.  I'm sick of being the only one who gives anything.  I gave a leg already, if you want the check from that sacrifice you must give up your check too!

I find it odd that I still managed to become a taxpayer with just one leg too.


  1. Nope, why should you give yours up, you lost it serving this country, its the ppl who have never done anything for the country, let alone themselves that need the reality check. Let em burn the fat off their body's while they look for a job to eat.........

  2. The huge difference is I can thrive without my "entitlement". It would be worth it to watch others make the attempt!

    1. I should prolly point out that I lost 3/4 use of my leg not lost it completely.

  3. It doesn't matter to me, it's fucked up, and it happened serving my country. I thank you for your service. The ppl who piss me off to no end are the ones who become a baby factory just to live off the teet.
    You deserve every penny plus a whole lot if gratitude, you are not the problem. If Bari has his way you'll be cut to a minimum, while the scum gets raises........

  4. "I find it odd that I still managed to become a taxpayer with just one leg too. "

    Impossible! Get back on the plantation and vote like we tell you to!


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