26 December 2012

Must See

Ever read a single review and KNOW you have to see a film?

Spike Lee says Django Unchained is disrespectful to his ancestors?

Where does the line form?

I'll pay good money to see that just on the off chance that buying a ticket causes him physical pain.

Why do I feel this way?  Something about a film he made about US soldiers in Italy...  In a famous event where the (famous) unit in the film was very involved in the situation but in reality had never been near it.

And the depiction of the Italians disrespected MY ancestors.

Suck it, Spike.


  1. No good answer to this one, either you support Jamie Foxx (financially) or you support Spike Lee...

  2. Good point. Download it and screw them both!

    Remember, if you're not stealing Hollywood; you're PAYING Hollywood.


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