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15 December 2012


Mr Harris, being the generous soul that he is, has bought me the bestest combination Birthday and Christmas present evah!

It's a Colt Government Model in .38 Super!  I've been lusting after one of these for quite a while.

Better pictures to come.

I now see why people pay extra for Colt over Springfield.  The trigger is so very much better.

Edit: Better Pictures

Colt Series 80 Gov't Model v Springfield Armory Model 1911-A1 GI
The Colt is far more in the pattern of an M1911 than an M1911A1, quite unlike the Springfield.  A couple of things that kinda surprised me handling it.  The long trigger and the flat mainspring housing I expected to bother me, but they don't.

After all of the horror stories I'd read about the series 80 lockwork I expected the worst.  It's quite good.  An extremely clean and smooth break and much lighter than the Springfield.


As it compares to another 9mm 1911 style gun.  In this case a SIG-Sauer P238 in .380 ACP.


  1. Very nice. Closest I have ever come to owning a. 38 Super is a Para that was rather a POS.

  2. Nice weapon. I'd have gone for a Delta Elite, but the .38 Super is definitely no slouch.

  3. The 10mm has just never appealed to me. Perhaps it comes from overdosing on Miami Vice.

    I'm a retro buff so a round developed in the '20s with the gun it was designed for is the bee's knees.


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