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04 December 2012

No Cutting Corners Here!

Perfect for the Zumbapocalypse, where chubby aerobic zombies dance at you.  Or the Roombapocalypse where robotic vacuum cleaners chase you around, but you're safe past a small step.

h/t Tam

The comments at the Tam post that inspired that pic have informed us that there are FOUR corners on teh 'Murrican card.

M1 Garand, check.
M-1903, check.
1911, check.
Self made AR, check.  In fact since that AR is on a Form 1, I should get a gold star for being the manufacturer of record!


  1. I wonder, will they be smart enough to wait for the 'ting' of an empty clip before attacking? If so don't forget an empty clip in your pocket.............;)

  2. Apparently my 'Murrican card is a circle...

    1. Godless Bolshivik!

      Or freedom of choice or something.


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