07 December 2012


It's little discoveries like a Remington bolt body on my Finnish rifle that make me the saddest about Bubba's deprivations on milsurp rifles.

Six million Izhevsk bolts out there and someone has butchered a New England Westinghouse one.  You know they did.

While many Mosin Nagants are actually "just another Mosin" there are some that are emphatically not.

Guns made by Remington, New England Westinghouse or Chatterault are not common because they are oldest and because they were made in the smallest numbers.  Grinding off sights and drilling for scopes on such collectables is WRONG.

And Bubba don't care.


  1. You sure it was Bubba? It might have been the Fin armorers that took the bolt from a damaged Remington to get that gun working.

    Knowing how the Fins armed up from captured Ruskie rifles, its possible.

  2. I muddied my statement.

    Finn armorers surely mated this bolt to the barrel.

    The point I was trying to make is that bubba has almost definitely taken a rare part like this and modified it to the depreciation of the piece.

    1. Hells yeah, Bubba don't give a shit!

      Still I won't lie, as a collector, I really dig messed up shit military and service members do to guns to keep them running.

      My new Type 53 has a Russian name carved into the stock with what looks like carpet nail. Looks like holy hell, and I won't lie, and say I don't love it.

  3. Why would a Chinese carbine have a Russian name carved on it?

    1. Strange, huh? Saddly my rifle doesn't talk to me even when I ask REALLY LOUD!

      I don't think Bubba is up on his Cyrillic, so I assume this gun was in Ruskie hands before it got sold to the great Capitalist Satan.


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