07 December 2012

Some History Here

I attacked the gray patina on my Kiv/39's bolt handle today.

Literally polishing my knob!

I noticed this:

That is not registered trademark.  That's how Remington marked their parts on the Mosin Nagants they made.

Hardly any Remington M-1891 rifles were actually delivered to the Tsar's army because there was a war on and then a revolution.

However, they did eventually go to Russia!  The US Army issued them to the troops sent to help out the White Russians.  Those weapons were abandoned in the port they left from and were absorbed into the new Red Army's stores.

And there they sat until the Soviet Union invaded Finland.

Who knows what configuration it was in when it was captured.  Was it still an M-91?  Had it been converted into an M-91/30?

What is certain is the Finns salvaged and recycled every single part they could.  Nothing went to waste.

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