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13 December 2012


I have crummy timing.

Erin was bragging on her Mosin while I was slammin Bubba.

THIS Bubba.


  1. I call foul on this, it can't possibly be a bubba effort.

    I mean everyone knows the first thing you do when putting on a scope is switch to a bent bolt -- that looks like a straight bolt :)

    That is a lot of stuff hanging off a M/N.

    Most of it I can understand the logic but the vertical grip has me stumped. Can you figure it out?


  2. I don't understand the issue sling. Shouldn't it have a single point sling.

    As a joke I put a Troy sling on my brother's M44 for a range trip or two. I just liked the laughs when I would tell them the sling was over half the original price of the rifle. He got it for $80, and my sling ran around $45 when not on sale.


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