25 December 2012

Video Games

I am not much of a video gamer.

It's because I suck at them.  Any competence I have with a given game is through long hours assaulting a learning curve to me that's quite steep.  That curve seems incredibly intuitive to my friends most of the time.  Being the last one to "get it" is discouraging and quite often I find myself getting good at a game just in time for everyone else to quit playing.

I do, however, know a lot of people who game.  A decent hunk are also gun owners (a couple are gun owners because of me).

I noticed that none of them went insane and shot up anything, um, ever.

I game too, but I do flight sims and table-top role-playing.

I had a mild case of PTSD coming out of the military.  It would have been fine if I'd been aware of all the programs the Army and VA had to help me out, but I didn't avail myself of them until I was a wreck.  It took a long time to get back on an even keel and even longer to fix broken relationships from my destructive behavior.

I've never gone out and murdered anyone.

I've mentioned before that I was bullied for a long time in junior high and high school.

Except for a couple instances of fighting back against the bullies, there was no violence from me during that time, let alone a fatality.

So, let's add all this up.

Bullied in school.
Gun owner.

Based on the narrative I should be out there killing a crowd every couple hours, huh?

Or you've missed a causative factor while making correlations.

Once again I am sick of being accused of being something I am not because I share a superficial characteristic of a criminal.  Aren't you the same people telling me I shouldn't judge people by the color of their skin?  I ask because I see a lot of criminals in the crime blotter who are black, and if we're going to go on superficial similarities from now on...

Do you feel stupid yet?  You should.  Can you bring your sign next time so everyone knows not to listen to you?

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