17 December 2012

Why Not 9mm?

More GURPS gun trivia!

Why not 9mm for your character?  Start here.

We'll stay retro and Browning and use a Browning HP to compare against our 1911's.

The HP is lighter than both 1911's; 2.4 lbs.  Its magazines are the same weight as the .45; 0.5 lbs.

Those magazines hold 13 rounds though!

Rcl is 2, same as .38 Super.

Damage is 2d+2 pi.  (2 x 3.5) + 2 = 9 points.  Same as the .38 Super on average.  The spread is different.  9x19 gets 4-14 of damage, .38 Super gets 2-17.  But we're looking at averages here.  (Potentially the .45 does the most damage against an unarmored target with a spread of 3-18).

Because the average damage is the same, everything I said about .38 Super here applies to 9mm, but with 4 more shots before you run dry in a lighter gun!  126 points of damage per load.  42 through that DR 6 vest from before.

If the setting allows, change that HP to a Glock 17 and you get two more shots and half pound lighter!

All three guns have the same RoF so comparisons of total damage are perhaps unfair.

With 7+1 rounds the .45 gets two turns with 3 shots each and one with two rounds.  The 9+1 of the .38 Super will have three turns of full RoF with a fourth turn getting a single shot.  13+1 gives four of full rate and a remainder with two.

All three guns reload in 3 turns.  To fire 14 rounds the .45 will need 9 turns (reload turns being 4-6).  The .38 Super also needs nine (with the reload happening in turns 5-7).  The HP needs 5 turns.  A Glock also needs five turns, and has four shots left!

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