04 September 2017

Just Relax And Let The Hooks Do Their Work

Archimedes will not be denied.

But you have to be brave to let him work.

Helped a buddy get his steering wheel removed from the shaft of the car he's parting out.

He would get very close to it popping, then back off the puller and reset it.  All the while I was saying, "yes, it looks very alarming, but just keep cranking."

Yesterday Marv and I got him distracted and just kept cranking until it popped.

Archimedes let us down on the tie-rod end.

Marv was willing to get medieval on it in a way I was hesitant to try.

Did you know that a 1999 Corvette coupe is worth nearly four times as much as a pile of parts than it is as a running car?


  1. Let's see, '99 Vette goes for about $10K

    Driveline bits >= car value
    Body panels >= car value
    Interior bits >= car value
    Suspension bits >= car value

    Labor parting out, and PITA of selling it = Priceless.

    1. He's past the $10k point already, with another $6 or $7k to sell.

  2. Only four times?

    Someday, do the math about building the entire car from replacement parts purchased from the manufacturer.
    I would be surprised if doing it that way didn't cost over 40 times the car's initial purchase price.

    1. It was only about 16 times the sale price on a 1995 Impala SS. Someone did add it all up once.


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