09 November 2011


Damn I hate when this rears its ugly head.

Seems like when finances get rough, it's time to blame the Jews.

Are a lot of prominently wealthy people Jewish?  Sure.

Are a lot of prominently Jewish people wealthy?  Again, sure.

Are "they" to blame for the financial crisis?  I don't think so.

Are many of "them" weathering the crisis better than everyday people?  Of course!  If they're wealthy they have a larger cushion before they start starving.

Should we take their money away because they've got more money than I do?  Nope.  It's more my fault I am less wealthy than theirs.

If it's wrong to fine them, then we should also not incarcerate or execute them.

If you're seeing evil from the Jews, you're likely just seeing your reflection.

None of that excuses the discrete actions of specific people who also happen to be Jewish.  Charles Schumer is a someone I loathe in particular.  It's got nothing to do with his faith, but his actions against me.


  1. I never did "get it." Intellectually, I understand religious bigotry, because tribalism is at the root of religion. But seriously, how are the Jews a threat? They've been around for a few millennia, and it's been a while since they've dominated much of anything. I can't believe ANYBODY is still talking about this in the 21st century. Aside from the Muslims (because they hate just about everyone) who hates the Jews, and WHY?

  2. Near as I can tell and in super simplistic terms, for millennia they were "the other" and conveniently lived close by.

    There are other details, of course, but that's the real issue.

  3. We have a practicing Jewish friend (I say that just to not lump her in with those who have no faith and no historical memory, but occasionally go to Synagog on Yom Kippur, and enjoy horseraddish on their deli sandwich, and eat Kosher hot dogs at ball games) Who came to us for help in writing a budget because she was going into debt.

    It was a big step for her, and to lighten the mood I said "How can you be in debt? Don't you people control the world bank!"

    It got a laugh. Its not so funny today when these goons are holding signs about killing the Jews, and they stormed the Israeli Consolate last Friday here in Boston.


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