27 November 2011

That Was Easy

The standard front sight base on an AR15 is supposed to be held on with taper pins.

Someone didn't get word to J&T Distributing.  They use straight pins.

At least they weren't roll pins.

I happen to have a reamer that I bought to drill and ream the holes in Tabitha.  Yesterday, at the gun show, I bought a couple of taper pins and today I went to work.

Kaylee's future barrel now has taper pins.  I went a little too deep on one and a little too shallow on the other.  Both are well within tolerances though.  The straight pins are laying on the block.

Tools are investments, not expenses.  The money saved by buying proper tools far and away exceeds the cost of the tool.  This ten minute job is $45 from one place and the local gunsmith has an $80 minimum.  I think I am into the reamer for $20 and this is the second time I've used it.  Tabitha's FSB mounting would have been about $100 if I'd sent it out.  All told this simple tool has saved at least $125.  I'm not counting the price of that block or the drill I used since those were bought for other projects and have, themselves, been fully amortized now.

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