22 November 2011

Chrome Lined Barrels

This is a feature I insist on whenever it's available.

I typically don't shoot corrosive ammo and I don't own anything that's got a happy switch.  The enhanced durability is kinda wasted on me.  I guess Florida is kinda sorta tropical, so it should help...

My most accurate AR is hands down the chrome chamber, not bore, M16 (early R604) clone.  The next most accurate is the chrome lined 6.8 barrel from the lamented Kotonics.  Then the stainless steel 6.8 barrel from Bison.

The 1903A3 is a tack driver, no chrome.

I really don't know why I demand it, but it's something I prefer.

Maybe I am just forward thinking and expecting registration to be opened up for full-auto again.  Then I will need it!

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