30 November 2011

Entry Level Guns

Reading at 3 Boxes of BS.

The take-away point is any gun beats no gun if you need one.

He's right, we're pretty damn snobby about it while we complain about the differences of good (even great) guns.

I am biased and blessed that my first handgun was a good one (Glock 17).  I could afford to get it so I didn't have to look down-market.

This isn't true of everyone.

My grandfather on Mom's side owned a small gas station in a small town for decades.  Not a huge money-maker, but steady.  He defended his business with a nickel plated Harrington and Richardson .32 S&W Long revolver he carried on his person and an Iver Johnson .32 S&W under the counter.  He reasoned that a crook might take him unawares but they'd be heading to the register where a gun always was.  He felt he needed two guns.

His choice was to buy two cheap guns rather than one good one.  And honestly, those two guns were cheaper than half the price of a Smith and Wesson or Colt.  They didn't need target accuracy to sit in a tool-box or under the register, they just needed to go bang after years of sitting.  They do.

That H&R was my first (legal) carry gun.  It's small and easily concealed.  My Glock 21 (my only other handgun at the time) not so much.  I got a better gun.  I got several better guns.

I have an analogy that I think works.  Everyone wants the Ferrari, not the Hyundai; but what is the difference sitting in gridlock?

First you need a gun.  Yes, you do.
Second, buy the best you can.  While there are some guns on the never-ever-buy list, most anything will do.  Remember, 99% of defensive gun use can best be described as "brandishing" so even a bar of soap that looks like a gun would work.  The reason you use a real gun is for that 1% where it's described as "shooting".
Third, once you have a gun at all, now you can start thinking about getting a better one.  If you could afford a good one out of the chute, so much the better.  More money for ammo and practice.

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  1. Thanks for the link and the story of your grandfather.

    I like your analogy, I will try to credit you when I steal it later :)

    Everyone wants the Ferrari, not the Hyundai; but what is the difference sitting in gridlock?

    Given that most firearms sit in the dresser (hidden in the socks, etc), perhaps a better case could be made for ....sitting in the garage?

    Remember, 99% of defensive gun use can best be described as "brandishing"

    I've made that point several times; glad to see other people feel the same way.


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