19 November 2011

National Ammo Day; Part 2

What did you get?

I got 50 rounds of PMC .357 Magnum, 40 rounds of Federal XM80C 7.62x51mm, 20 rounds of Hornady Z-Max 7.62x51mm and 80 rounds of SSA Tactical Pro-Hunter 6.8x43mm.

Marv got 50 rounds of PMC .380, 40 rounds Federal Fusion .30-30 and 20 rounds of Hornady LeveRevolution .30-30.

I shot all of the XM80C from the FAL and most of the .357 from The Lovely Harvey's Winchester 92 clone.  Marv shot most of his .30-30 too.

A quick note to places like Shoot Straight, rounds like 6.8 aren't $38 a box from any place but you.  It's the same price as .308 every other vendor; you should consider that and perhaps you would have made a sale today instead of my getting online and getting it from SSA directly.

1 comment:

  1. I bought 420 rounds of Federal 5.56 M855 from Brownells


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