08 November 2011

Avoid This Vendor

If you happen to buy things from the internet auction site, Gunbroker, I recommend avoiding the seller LG Outdoors from Montgomery, Alabama.

They are exactly the kind of misinformed jerks that give the rest of us a bad name.

It starts when I notice that they will not sell an M16A1 parts kits to, "AZ,CA,CT,DC,DE,FL,HI,IA,IL,MN,NC,NJ,OH,RI,SC,WA,WI, OMAHA,NE, OR SOUTH BEND IN."

I emailed them and inquired. They replied,

"Thank you for contacting us. it is because the bolt in this kit is a full auto bolt and even though it only shoots in semi auto the state of FL does not allow you to have it.  Thanks, customer service"

That is flat wrong.  Wrong on two levels.  First off, there's no difference between a full-auto and semi-auto bolt.  Secondly, if they mean the bolt-carrier then they're wrong about Florida law.

Florida law about machine guns is federal law.  There are only two mentions of them in the entire code.  It's illegal for me to own one unless I go through all the probulation as required by the BATFE.  I may not conceal carry one.  That's it!

At one time ATF considered owning an M16 bolt carrier as "intent" to build an MG.  That's no longer true.  Even if it were still true that would mean they couldn't sell them to anyone in any state!  Unless they had a registered M16...  Which are legal in Florida if you've registered with ATF...

Even more fun!

They will sell that kit to New York and Massachusetts.  Look real hard at the picture...  Did you spot the USGI 30-round magazine?  How much would you like to bet that it's not a pre-94 mag?

It doesn't stop with me.

ARCOM is baffled too.  One poster there asked why no AZ and they seem to assume that it was me replying and they were very rude to him about it.

You lose nothing by being polite and you may gain something.  I hope that LG Outdoors is put out of business and the owner starves.

PS: This vendor's auction just reinforces my opinion that if the disclaimer about their policies is longer than the item's description, including photos, you don't want to do business with them.

PPS: They have every right to refuse to do business with me for any reason.  That allowed, I too can refuse to do business with them; and attempt to convince others to do the same.

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