27 November 2011

OK, Cool Kids, Answer Me This...

The Tea Party is the Astroturf Wing of the Koch brothers?

First I've heard of it, but the wife's libtard friend was tossing it around as FACT.

I can't find much about it online, and I didn't get a Freedom Works check, so...

Please comment and tell me what there is to this.


  1. Not one of the cool kids, and I'm not sure of the details, but I believe this stems from the Koch brothers' funding of REPUBLICANS who call themselves "Tea Party." Thanks to the commercial media, liberals think that the Tea Party is the radical right wing of the Republican Party. They refuse to see that the Tea Party knows that the Republican Party is half of the problem.

    And to be fair, most of the Tea Partiers in my area are Republicans who think they can "reform" the Republican Party. They hold "Tea Party" principles, but IMHO they're doing it wrong. I guess almost everybody likes Kool-Aid, one flavor or the other.

  2. I've been looking and found no such connection. Seems at best the Koch Bros are big industry guys who like the tea party feel they can do their best if left the hell alone, so they donate and are generally sympathetic to the group.

    Honestly if it wasn't for left-wing blogs, I wouldn't even know their names.

    Frankly I think its simple, the left gets so much help from Ex-Nazi and overall nefarious criminal George Soros and his various shell groups, they needed to invent a Right-wing version for moral equivalency.

    They managed it well enough to talk amongst themselves so that when so-and-so joins, or takes funds from a Soros group like Move on.org they don't feel guilty for taking money from a Nazi and Currency speculator...

  3. What I want to know is, if you wanted to fund the Tea Party, to whom would you make out the check?

  4. Type in Your State and "Tea Party" in Google

    For me Surprisingly "Massachusetts" and "Tea Party" got me this on the first hit!

    Now "Boston Tea Party" will just get you a bunch of that "History" stuff!

  5. Media-manufacturing The Narrative, but a lot of OWS funding has been from Soros via his distribution company, the Tides Foundation delivering to the Canadian money-laundry/motly-hippie hijinks-activist factory "Adbusters" who have provided the organizing and location (Zuccotti Park).


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