20 November 2011

Jasmine Post-Recall Range Report

She's still a shooter!

Had two cases of fail to strip a round and one stove-pipe while partially chambering the next round stoppage.

I don't shoot her much, so she's likely still in break-in, so I am not too concerned.  If this keeps up for very long, I will get worried.

Update: I should have checked before firing.  The thing was bone dry.  DSA in the course of inspecting things stripped all the lube from the bolt, bolt-carrier and chaseway.

I can put all of my shots into a torso at 100 yards.  I am not shooting as well as the gun can.  The wide front post is so different from an AR that it's throwing me off.  I'll get used to it with more trigger time, I am sure.  The lighting at the indoor range we went to is miserable for peep sights as well.  I am sure that my groups would tighten noticeably outdoors.  They do with the iron sighted AR's as well.

To the guy in the lane next to us.  You don't know what you're doing.  Yes, you bought the best money could buy, but you clearly don't know how it all works.  Talking down to me because I'm plinking was super rude.  But I was very amused because I put 20 rounds on the paper at 100 yards while you weren't hitting at all.

This is why we shoot groups when zeroing!  This is why we start at a close target and move it out.  You put the target at 100 and fired one round.  Looked through your binoculars; spun the wheels on the scope; loaded another round; fired; repeat.

Being a jerk to us when your kid asked me about my FAL was uncalled for.  We'd have helped you find the paper if you'd been even half nice about it.

Or were you really pissed that your wife and I were chatting while we were waiting for a lane to open up?


  1. I'm curious about the kid asking and the jerk response.

    If you don't understand basic geometry and the concept of a minuet of angle as a unit, you're gonna be in for a world of hurt and a LOT of wasted ammo.

  2. He and his wife were zeroing a brand new gun with a brand new scope on a brand new rest he assembled on the range.

    Just being a snob about his high priced gear type of jerk until his kid Oooooooooh'd about Jasmine. "Get away from them!" Even though we were cheerfully answering the kid's questions. Poor kid had nothing to do while Mom and Dad were dealing with their rifle.

    I think that his rings were off a bit or loose. What he was doing was firing one shot, seeing where it hit at 100, then adjusting the scope. Then repeating. He was going full range back and forth on the turrets so something was not right. He as also not getting the gun back into the rest the same way twice, which may or may not have been an issue.

    Marv and I would gladly have shown off our guns to their son all day if they'd let us. We'd even have let him fire a round or two. We'd even have helped figure out the problem (My range bag has tools in it).

    I can't help but wonder if his wife chatting with me before a lane opened up was his real problem. She didn't say a word to us once their lane opened (ours opened about ten minutes before theirs). Jealousy is ugly.


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