13 November 2011

Mitt Romney

I voted against John Kerry in 2004, I will vote against him in 2012 too.

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  1. I actually see Romney as MORE of a threat to my way of life than Obama. Certainly two terms of Deval Patric (another childish black racist from Chicago) hasn't managed to do a quarter of the Nanny-state building, tax-hiking, and gun banning that Romney did in one term.

    Better to have an incompetent Marxist than a Competent Authoritarian.

    Also we're still a two party system, the Democrats offer left and further left and there's nobody out there that I think doesn't deserve a good horse whipping. The Republicans at least have a cabal of minimalist Libertarians among their ranks that really seem to get it that the Government just creates problems more than solves them outside of a few isolated fields.

    So with an Obama 2nd Term MAYBE the country will get the fucking message and run SOMEBODY against Biden.\

    Tho I'm with Cain to the bitter end. He's not a great candidate, but he's one I'd vote for.


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