20 November 2011

Zombie Preparedness

I bought the novelty ammo from Hornady.  I loaded up one of my FAL mags with it just in case.  Who knows, it might be just the thing.  Of course, it's 168gr ammo and I'm zeroed for NATO.

Yes, I am aware that it's ridiculous.  It's entirely a marketing gimmick.  But it amuses me, and that amusement sold a box to me, making both the gun-store and Hornady some money that they might not have otherwise made.  That's win, not fail.

Besides, Hornady is one of the first companies who jumped in and supported 6.8 when it looked like it might just dry up and go away.  I like to support them when I can because of it.


  1. Other than a green tip, how is this stuff different?

  2. The 7.62x51mm is exactly the same as their A-Max load, except with a green tip instead of red.

    The .30-30 load is exactly the same as their LeveRevolution load, except for the color of the tip...

    Yes, it's the tip color and the box. MSRP is identical as well.

    Although it may have electrolytes. Plants crave electrolytes.

  3. Do you know how far off this stuff shoots at 100 yards compared to where your NATO zero is?

  4. The L1A1 I used to have hit the same center with the heavier rounds. It grouped a lot tighter with 168gr than 150 though.

    Of course, the 150 I was using then was Winchester white box. The 168 was the super spiffy Remington round that cost four times as much.


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