01 November 2011

Chickens. Roost. Returning.

Because you ignored Clinton's sexual harassment, I will ignore Cain's.

Alleged harassment.


But you proved that you didn't really care about the issue when your guy was doing it, so I must assume that this is just a tactic to discredit someone you are afraid may win.

You also seem to forget you played this tune already with Justice Thomas.


  1. Um, you say that as if they have any other tune to play...

  2. That and "ray-cizzum," are about the only ways the left knows how to deal with people who disagree with them. And I agree, they lost all right to wail about "sexual harassment" when they rallied around Blowjob Bubba Bill.

  3. I find it hard to get very worked up over some alleged sexual harassment when what's on the table is Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama.

    Just seems small potatoes, when you put on your big-kid pants and realize that nobody running for president is a particularly impressive person.


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