14 November 2011

The Triumphant Return of Jasmine!

DS Arms recalled their SA58 rifles with aluminum lower receivers because a vendor had screwed them. Mine was found to be OK, so they inspected and returned it.  Good on them!  Stood up and took care of a problem that wasn't their fault and even gave us affected folks a $20 credit and a free gun case (used as packing material).

Jasmine is shown here with the FAL Files requirements of toes, concrete, inserted mag and booze (rye whiskey); bonus is The Precious' wheel.


  1. Ooh and you dressed her in her best for Synagog!

    The First FAL I ever shot was an Israeli HBAR...that turned me off the platform for years because I assumed they were all that heavy.

    LOL I like the rules of the FAL Files!

    What brand of Rye?


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